Who are The 36?

1) Jake Bohm

2) Walter King

  • He has not definitively been linked to the 36, although he carries a book of numbers like Jake's.
  • He designed a financial produce that made Morton-Starling millions of dollars.
  • He resides in New York City, New York.

3) Amelia Robbins

  • She enjoys the tides.
  • She can predict the results of games.
  • She lost her ability due to sleep machine used by Aster Corps to decipher the numeric sequence named after her.

4) Frederick Lemay

  • He composed a Violin Concerto that was "like the voice of angels."
  • He resided in Brussels, Belgium.
  • He was killed by Ortiz.

5) Rosemary Mathis

  • She designed a cathedral.
  • She resided in Barcelona, Spain.
  • She was killed by Ortiz.

6) Claudia Corliss

  • She was a gifted astronmer who discovered a comet.
  • She resided in Santiago, Chile.
  • She was killed by Ortiz

7) Guillermo Ortiz

  • He is a Jesuit priest.
  • He is actively hunting down and killing the 36.
  • He made a suicide after failing to kill Jake Bohm and Nell Plimpton.

8) Philip Green

  • He built a cipher that could be used to find the 36.
  • He was executed because of killing three employees of Möbius (a front of the Aster Corps).

9) Nell Plimpton

  • She is an arceologist and has discovered a numeric system that was carved into a stone over 50,000 years ago.

10) Robert McCormick

  • He considered his ability to be a problem rather than useful because of sleeping problems.
  • He died in a heart attack which was caused by the medicine given by the sleep clinic that was run by Aster Corps.
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